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The new level of CNC control

The TNC7 features high-quality hardware components, an innovative and customizable user interface, and an extensive package of functions. User interaction with the TNC7 was redesigned from the ground up, resulting in particularly smooth and precise touchscreen operation. The groundbreaking control platform also permits machine manufacturers to adapt the user interface to their specific machines. Inherent to the new control from HEIDENHAIN are dynamic development capabilities for even more functionalities.

  • Powerful hardware for exceptional performance
  • 24-inch full HD anti-reflective screen optimized for the shop floor
  • Quad-core CPU for meeting high computing and graphics requirements
  • Smooth and highly dynamic touchscreen operation with zero reaction delay
  • Newly developed keyboard with improved mechanical design and optimized key resistance

Customized user interface

The TNC7 supports users in every situation, whether it be programming, machine setup, or part measurement. The screen contents can very easily be adapted to each individual's needs, thus providing all information and functionality exactly where it is needed.

Smart programming

The TNC7 supplements the familiar Klartext programming with smart functions. With the newly developed graphical programming feature, the user draws contours directly on the touchscreen. The TNC7 converts this drawing to Klartext and saves it as a program. Existing programs can be modified very easily.

Familiar surroundings

Operating elements such as the TNC keyboard are still there on the TNC7, offering high ergonomics even for prolonged work. Naturally, existing NC programs can continue to be used. Working with the TNC7 is made simpler by a guided introduction to its new functions.

Task-focused support

The TNC7 provides thoughtfully designed solutions, including a vast package of cycles, smart probing functions, and graphical guidance for aligning your workholding equipment. Perfect visualization of the machined part and work envelope bring great convenience to your workday, as do numerous new functions and methods.

Reliable processes

The new process monitoring integrated in the TNC7 dependably detects disturbances in the machining process and ensures high process quality. The user can adapt this monitoring through simple Klartext syntax and an intuitive user interface.

Predictive protection

With its component monitoring the TNC7 can, for example, protect the spindle bearing from overloading or detect increased component wear in the drive train, all while the machine is running. In addition, it supplies valuable data for predictive maintenance and evaluation of process capabilities.

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Intuitive – Task-focused – Customizable

Graphical programming

The smart road to an NC program

Create NC programs quickly and easily: with the graphical programming feature, users manipulate the workpiece drawing directly on the touchscreen. The TNC7 then converts the graphics data into Klartext commands that are saved in a program. In the other direction, a section of a Klartext program can be dragged to the drawing area, where it is converted to a drawing with all the relevant dimensions.

Intuitive setup

Advanced collision protection now also for workholding equipment

The TNC7 is taking Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) to the next generation. With this new level of CNC control, DCM not only prevents collisions between machine components and tools, but also between workholding equipment. All that this new graphically supported measurement needs is an accurate 3D model of the workholding equipment. The TNC7 interactively guides the user through the entire procedure, so that he can fully and reliably record the position of the workholding equipment on the machine table in very little time with smart probing functions.

TNC Component Monitoring

Protecting the machine from overloading

TNC Component Monitoring is a toolbox that allows machine manufacturers to reliably implement ongoing and extensive monitoring functions in the machine. These include the monitoring of running processes in order to protect against acute overloading as well as the predictive acquisition of data about mechanical wear. Thanks to additional high-resolution sensors, such as the ERM 6000 Dplus spindle sensor, component monitoring can be better matched to specific tasks.

TNC Process Monitoring

Reliably achieve the desired result

The TNC's new process monitoring function helps users to reliably achieve the desired machining results with the TNC7. After a reference machining operation, the control detects deviations from these requirements and thus monitors the quality of series production, from the workpiece blank and its clamping to the machining process to the finished workpiece. And it does so without needing any additional sensors or external computers.

Optimized Contour Milling OCM

Always mill with optimum cutting parameters

OCM offers nearly unlimited possibilities for trochoidal milling. Users only need to define the contour; the control then automatically calculates the best trochoidal milling strategy. As a result, highly efficient trochoidal milling processes can be utilized for a much wider range of workpieces, letting you mill with greater productivity and reduced tool wear.

Jig grinding

Achieve perfect finishes in a single setup

The new jig grinding functions let parts be machined at up to maximum surface quality in a single setup. Easy-to-use standard cycles handle both the complex motion control for grinding processes as well as the dressing of grinding tools inside the machine tool.

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