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Intelligent system integration for the digital future

How can you integrate encoders into your systems with ease, reliability, and safety? And how can you best leverage the position feedback and other types of data from these encoders? The answers to these questions determine the performance and reliability of your automation and motor solutions. They also hold the potential for added functionality, giving your products a key edge on the market. Through ongoing development and new solutions, HEIDENHAIN has prepared the EnDat interface for the future of digitalization.

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What’s new with EnDat

The HMC 2 hybrid motor cable

New optical rotary encoders for the single-cable solution

The EnDat 3 digital interface

Less cabling, greater possibilities

The EnDat 3 data interface and the HMC 2 single-cable solution reduce cabling for our next-generation inductive scanning technology as well.

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HMC 2: one cable, one connector, all of the data

The HMC 2 hybrid motor cable combines the encoder wires and power wires in a single cable, eliminating the need for additional cables between the motor and electrical cabinet. Its proven, off-the-shelf connecting technology is an added benefit. Reduce your cabling needs and simplify cable integraton into your machine housing.

The new HMC 2 single cable solution is designed for HEIDENHAIN encoders featuring the EnDat 3 interface and purely serial data transmission. This range of inductive rotary encoders is now being expanded to include the ECN 1325 and EQN 1337 optical rotary encoders, giving you space-saving, cost-effective, and high-performance position measurement solutions for rigorous applications.

EnDat in bus operation:
fast, easy, and cost-effective

EnDat 3 is the ideal encoder interface for achieving high system integration and meeting the requirements of future digitalization. Its hallmarks are reduced system costs and flexible machine architectures. The EnDat 3 encoder interface is also convenient and effective in bus operation.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduced cabling: only four wires are needed for transmitting data from three axes at a cycle time of 30 µs.
  • Safe and reliable operation: EnDat 3 offers functional safety and extensive diagnostic options.
  • Universal and comprehensive communication: the interface transmits position data, sensor data, system monitoring data, automatic system configuration data, and more.

EnDat: ready for digital manufacturing

EnDat is a bidirectional interface from HEIDENHAIN for digital drive systems and position control loops with position-feedback encoders. Since its market debut, this interface technology has become a global standard for position encoders in the machine tool, electronics, and automation industries. 

EnDat ensures fast and highly reliable data transmission, including additional data such as motor-specific parameters and sensor information. Its extensive diagnostic capabilities and inclusion of encoders in troubleshooting routines ensure high system reliability. 

EnDat 3 is entering the market as a new interface generation that faithfully enhances and expands upon the characteristics of the EnDat family for the future of digital manufacturing. It does this while providing an even greater range of data and other benefits such as send lists, bus topologies, and access levels for installation. Come join the ranks of companies that have embraced EnDat interface technology.

Discover intelligent encoders for automation and robotics applications from

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