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OCM: always mill with the optimal cutting data

Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) gives you nearly unlimited trochoidal milling possibilities. All you need to do is define the contour. The control then automatically calculates the best trochoidal strategy. You can utilize highly efficient trochoidal milling processes for a much wider range of workpieces, letting you mill with greater productivity and reduced tool wear.

The next generation in trochoidal milling

Using OCM is this easy:

  • Enjoy the shop-friendly programming of any pocket or island on the control.
  • Simply upload the optimal machining parameters from the new cutting data calculator.
  • For perfect edges, perform a deburring operation along the programmed contour.

Calculate cutting data and deburr intelligently

Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) represents the next generation in trochoidal milling. The new cutting data calculator and deburring function make programing and machining even easier:

  • With OCM, the TNC 640 automatically calculates the best trochoidal strategy for any pocket and island.
  • While programming, you can now conveniently apply the optimal machining parameters from the new cutting data calculator directly on the control.
  • The intelligent deburring function then ensures perfect edges along the programmed contour after highly dynamic roughing and finishing operations

Dynamic Efficiency and Dynamic Precision on the Klartext portal

Are you already familiar with the other functions of our Dynamic packages, such as Adaptive Feed Control (AFC), Active Chatter Control (ACC), or LAC, MAC, and PAC for the adaptation of control parameters?

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