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Reduce the number of components by up to 80% and improve measurement accuracy on every axis with the pre-assembled MRS 2000 module.

Transferable accuracy: get the most out of your encoders

The MRP 8000 angle encoder modules combine a high-resolution encoder with a robust bearing, forming a self-contained component with its own accuracy specs. HEIDENHAIN has already assembled and calibrated the components to ensure full transfer of its renowned encoder accuracy to your application.

These angle encoder modules streamline the design and assembly process for high-accuracy rotary axes, benefiting the makers of measuring machines, laser trackers, EDM machines, wafer handling systems, micro-precision manufacturing machines and more.


Key benefits of our angle encoder modules:

  • High encoder and bearing accuracy
  • Very high resolutions
  • Very high repeatability
  • Low starting torque
  • Smooth motion

Make your axes strong against lateral loads and cogging torques

What do you get when you combine a HEIDENHAIN MRP angle encoder module with a torque motor from ETEL? Silky smooth motion control. Lateral loads and cogging torques have no effect on the bearing's guideway accuracy. 

For a compact, flat-profile system with high rigidity, consider the SRP 5000 angle encoder modules. All components feature high rigidity for dependable accuracy under changing loads. See for yourself with our demo unit, which compares the rigidity, system accuracy and radial guideway accuracy between an SRP 5000 and a conventional bearing.  

Digital manufacturing: leverage absolute encoder data in bus mode

Discover the benefits of connecting multiple encoders in bus mode with the EnDat 3 encoder interface. You can connect three axes with just four wires for reduced cabling and a cycle time of 30 µs. EnDat 3 also provides functional safety and extensive diagnostics for safe and dependable operation. Thanks to its extensive communication, EnDat 3 supplements position data with sensor data, system monitoring information, automatic system installation data and more. 

EnDat 3 is the optimal encoder interface for high system integration and the digitalized future. It reduces your system costs and helps you implement versatile machine architectures.


Cogging-free motors and motion control from ETEL: high-end motion control

ETEL offers an extensive assortment of flat-profile, permanent-magnet synchronous three-phase linear motors, covering more than 90 percent of all industrial direct-drive motor applications. The ILF+ ironless linear motors, combined with the IWM+ magnetetic tracks, are perfectly designed for demanding scanning applications requiring zero magnetism and high speed stability. These motors also boast excellent linear speed and force behavior. UltimET motion controllers and AccurET position controlls supplement ETEL motors with a modular controller system. Improve your machine's throughput and save space thanks to the high performance and compact design of ETEL products.

Direct drive motors without bounds: linear and torque motors from ETEL

Motion systems for rotary axes: highly dynamic turret handling

AccurET position controllers: easy integration of different servomotors into one machine

Real-time communication: the UltimET motion control system for powerful axes

Greater versatility for quality inspection

The HEIDENHAIN ACANTO length gauge and the GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit turn your measuring station into a versatile workstation that can be integrated into digital networks.

You can use ACANTO length gauges in any direction and combine them to create easily adaptable multi-gauging fixtures.

The HEIDENHAIN GAGE-CHEK 2000 provides functions for streamlining quality inspection, including a graphical dial gage that compares measurements from up to three axes or length gauges, displaying nominal values, warning thresholds and tolerance limits.

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