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Continuously developed, the new software version 18 of the TNC7 fulfills many requests from users and machine manufacturers about ease of operation, reliable processes and enhanced functions.

Discover intelligent functions with which the TNC7 can assist you in your future tasks!

Discover the EMO highlights from HEIDENHAIN online!

  • Find the newest videos about the StateMonitor software and the TNC7, the new level of CNC control
  • The new MSY motors and the new generation of METRO and SPECTO length gauges
  • Solutions for greater process reliability and a smaller carbon footprint of your production floor

The new user interface of the TNC7 is designed to optimally assist you in your daily work, making results fast and easy to attain.

The TNC7 combines familiar Klartext programming with newly developed graphical programming, a customizable user interface and smart functions.

You constantly develop new skills, and so do the controls from HEIDENHAIN.
Here are the new features in software version 18.

Graphical workpiece setup

The TNC7 presents a realistic and high-resolution simulation of workpieces and the work envelope. Model Aided Setup (MAS), the new function for 6D setting up of workpieces, supports you with the graphical setup even of complex parts.

Collision monitoring down to a distance of 0

With DCM you can now reduce the protection distance down to a value of 0. For example, when milling around a part, you can mill past the fixture at a minimum distance while still applying a maximum level of collision monitoring.

Customized working methods

The TNC7 adapts itself to your style, since you define the user interface yourself. Now you can also decide whether to work in Dark or standard mode, depending on the ambient lighting conditions.

Are you a machine manufacturer who would like to find out more about the TNC7?

Use this opportunity to talk with our experts and ask questions about the new TNC7 control.

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The TNC7 is the future of machining. Getting to know the control is easy, since you can watch topic-related training videos directly on the control.

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