Safe and accurate robot positioning

Robots are called upon to perform increasingly demanding tasks, including high-accuracy machining operations on aircraft fuselages and other large components, or positioning tasks as cobots in direct collaboration with humans. In these applications, exact motion control of the robot arm is the critical factor. Designed specifically for use in robotics, new encoders from HEIDENHAIN and AMO enable the motion control needed to expand your range of applications.

Discover our encoders for robotics highlights

KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder: motor feedback and position measurement in one encoder

The KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 encoders: compact and lightweight for small servomotors

Innovative: two rotary encoders in one

The KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder from HEIDENHAIN provides motor feedback and position measurement in a single device. By measuring the position downstream from the gearbox, the KCI 120 Dplus compensates for design-related errors in dynamic, highly maneuverable robots. Articulated robots with a serial architecutre, for example, may contain up to six axes, each of which affects final accuracy.

  • Each axis is driven by a servomotor through a gear system that is susceptible to zero-position error, reversal error, and joint elasticity
  • Applied forces and dynamic effects from the machining task may further limit positioning accuracy

Optimized form factor for the 2nd generation

The dual functionality of the KCI 120 Dplus encoder is realized through a single central scanning unit and two separate circular scales, resulting in a compact, easy-to-integrate device. 

The second generation of the KCI 120 Dplus has been further optimized in terms of its form factor. With no loss of functionality, it is both smaller and accommodates a larger shaft.

Its functionally safe, purely serial EnDat 2.2 interface also allows integration into safety-related applications such as human-robot collaboration.

KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 rotary encoders for compact robot motors

Leverage the benefits of HEIDENHAIN inductive rotary encoders: the KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 for compact robot motors. Along with a scanning head, these models are available with a screw-on circular scale or a press-fit disk/hub assembly.

Your benefits:

  • Very low profile and low weight
  • Insensitive to contamination and magnetic fields
  • Easy mounting with wide tolerances
  • Safe mechanical mounting
  • Safe data transfer via the functionally safe EnDat 2.2 interface
  • Possible overload protection through an external temperature sensor

These features make the KCI 1300 and KBI 1300 rotary encoders ideal for compact servomotors in robots.

High-accuracy motion control for articulated robots

Secondary encoders for high-accuracy position measurement

Robot makers can significantly improve the absolute position accuracy of their designs by adding a high-accuracy angle encoder to each robot axis. Mounted downstream from motor's gear system, these secondary encoders measure the actual position of each robot joint.

Ideal for this application are modular angle encoders such as the WMRA angle measuring system from AMO. Thanks to its modular design, consisting of a scale drum or measuring ring and a separate scanning unit, it can handle large shaft diameters and challenging installation scenarios. The measuing ring of the WMRA from AMO is selectable in any diameter.

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