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HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution

The HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution is a modular system for universal tool and workpiece automation. Automated equipment operators benefit from an intuitive operational design, allowing them to control their automation solution without extensive familiarization. Machine manufacturers and automation providers benefit from the field-proven components and flexible adaptability of the HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution.

The modular system package with hardware and software from the same provider.

Easy entry into automation: your benefits with the HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution

For automated equipment operators

  • Work flexibly with Remote Desktop Manager on the PNC 610.
  • Remotely operate the machine and automated equipment controls.
  • Reliably plan machining sequences in advance with Batch Process Manager.
  • Easily react to changes in the work sequence.
  • Benefit from maximum compatibility with the TNC control.

For machine manufacturers and automation providers

  • Benefit from hardware already being used in milling and turning machines.
  • Draw directly on services from HEIDENHAIN during software development.
  • Freely program your equipment communication and graphical user interface with Python.
  • Readily retrofit prepared machines.
  • Use familiar PC tools for development and servicing.

Plan the production sequence in advance with Batch Process Manager

You can organize your production jobs quickly, intuitively, and reliably using Batch Process Manager for the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640. Simply create a jobs list, and enter the work planned for the upcoming night shift, entire day, or coming weekend. Batch Process Manager then reviews your jobs, delivering clear and useful information about the pending production sequence.

  • How long will the machine be utilized?
  • When will manual interventions be needed?
  • Is a preset defined at the pallet, program, or fixture level?
  • Does an NC program simulation run without error messages?
  • Are all required tools at hand with enough remaining service life?

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