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Sensors, touch probes and vision systems for workpiece set-up
and inspection as well as tool monitoring

Benefit from in-process tool and workpiece inspection. You gain valuable productive time and increase process reliability.

The TS 460 and TS 760 touch probes from HEIDENHAIN reduce probing times by up to 30%.

From inside the work envelope, the VT 121 camera ensures that the tools in use are in proper condition for delivering perfect machining results.

The new TD 110 tool breakage detector detects broken tools as they pass by in the work envelope.

Discover the EMO highlights from HEIDENHAIN online!

  • Find the newest videos about the StateMonitor software and the TNC7, the new level of CNC control
  • The new MSY motors and the new generation of METRO and SPECTO length gauges
  • Solutions for greater process reliability and a smaller carbon footprint of your production floor

Live presentations of the TD 110, TNC7 and StateMonitor at EMO

Pass the tool by the detector to increase process reliability and reduce non-productive time during inspection while the spindle is rotating at operational speed.

The TD 110 inductive tool breakage detector

Pass the tool by the detector to increase process reliability and reduce non-productive time during inspection while the spindle is rotating at operational speed.

TD 110: the robust tool breakage detector

The new TD 110 tool breakage detector from HEIDENHAIN is a compact and robust device that can be retrofitted in the machine tool's work envelope in direct proximity to the table. The TD 110 quickly and reliably inspects tools whose cutting edges are at least two millimeters long as they pass by. The corresponding signals are transmitted to the control over the touch probe interface. Process reliability can be increased by the control issuing a message or triggering an NC stop or a user-specific reaction.

TS 460: probing times reduced by 30%

The TS 460 workpiece touch probe is capable of very high measuring speeds up to 3000 mm/min. In combination with the probing cycles of the TNC controls, this makes it possible to reduce probing times by up to 30%, which in turn frees up valuable productive time for the machinist. Effective collision protection and reliable workpiece cleansing also increase process reliability and ensure correct results.

The TS 760: high accuracy and probing sensitivity

The new TS 760 touch probe from HEIDENHAIN enables workpiece measurement with particularly high 3D accuracy and very low probing forces at dynamic measuring feed rates of up to 1000 mm/min. This makes it ideal for precision parts in moldmaking and highly sensitive workpieces. Benefit from these additional features:

  • Compact design
  • Integrated blower jets
  • Full compatibility with the TS 460

VT 121: Tool inspection like the human eye

The VT 121 vision system, combined with the VTC software, enables the automated and time-saving in-process inspection of tools inside the machine. Using TNC 640 cycles, for example, you can monitor and document a tool’s condition and level of wear for each tooth from different perspectives even during unattended shifts.

  • Prevent costly damage to the tool, workpiece, and machine.
  • Gain greater assurance for critical machining operations.
  • Optimize your cutting parameters and NC programs.
  • Minimize tool wear.
  • Conveniently operate the VT 121 on the TNC 640 touchscreen. 

TS 750: surface and machining progress inspection

The TS 750 is a high-accuracy workpiece touch probe for grinding machines. Its low radial probing force of approx. 0.2 N enables exceptionally consistent 360° probing accuracy. Thanks to this low probing force, the probing procedure has no adverse effect on the measurement.

  • Extremely low footprint with a diameter of just 25 mm
  • Excellent probing reproducibility of 2σ ≤ 0.25 µm
  • High probing speed of up to 1 m/min
  • Long-lasting pressure sensors for millions of probing cycles
  • Effective protection of sensors and electronics from swarf and cooling lubricant
  • Rapid inspections with short downtime
  • Standard M3 thread for a variety of styli
  • Extensive mounting options