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Encoders from HEIDENHAIN with True Image technology:
A reliable and sustainable solution for every machine axis

With built-in True Image technology, HEIDENHAIN angle and linear encoders for machine tools deliver clear scale readings without purge air. The results are an up to 99% smaller carbon footprint and reliable position measurement under liquid contamination.

Machine OEMs are sure to find the optimal solution for any application at HEIDENHAIN and AMO, including drum solutions for mid-sized diameters and scale tape solutions for larger diameters. Process reliability and positioning accuracy are perfectly matched to the given application. 

 Sept. 10 to 14, 2024

Main booth: Hall 2, Booth 2D10      TNC Club Lounge: Hall 2, Booth 2B03

Special Training Exhibit: East Entrance, Atrium      HEIDENHAIN@DMG Mori: Hall 10, Booth 10D10

99% smaller carbon footprint with
True Image encoder technology

With HEIDENHAIN True Image technology, HEIDENHAIN encoders for machine tools maintain clear scale readings even when exposed to condensation and other liquid contamination. Typical optical distortions from droplets on the scale are fully eliminated. As a result, HEIDENHAIN LC and LB linear encoders and RCN angle encoders reliably deliver high-accuracy position feedback without purge air in many applications, allowing OEMs to simplify the machine’s purge air system.

Linear and angle encoders for greater process reliability and sustainability

Optimal Linear Measurement for High-Accuracy Workpieces

Reduced system cost and higher machine availability

The new LC generation lets the machine manufacturer significantly reduce the complexity of the sealing air supply. Thanks to fewer parts and air lines, as well as easier installation, costs are saved. A more streamlined system also benefits the machine operator, providing greater process reliability and requiring considerably less maintenance.  

The benefits of the new LC generation

  • Eliminated need for extra sealing air filter
  • Reduced sealing air requirements
  • Reduced installation costs
  • In short: lower system cost

LB 383C: new design for a classic encoder

For many years the LB 382 sealed linear encoder set the standard for machine tools with long axes. Its successor, the LB 383C, is now here, combining the strengths of its predecessor with technologies ready for the future. For example, measuring lengths of up to 72 m are still possible, but now with significantly improved scanning that enables much more productive controller parameters.

Measure Angles: Solutions for Every Rotary Axis

New diagnostic capabilities with the AMO rotational speed sensor

The new rotational speed sensor from AMO collects a spindle's operating data for offline analysis. It delivers the requisite high dynamic performance and functional safety along with easy installation and wide tolerances for installation and operation. Discover new horizons for more extensive spindle diagnostics.

Compact and varied: the ECM 2000 from HEIDENHAIN

The ECM 2000 series angle encoders boast a compact design with a variety of drum shapes and sizes that make cable routing and tight installation spaces easy to handle. High rotational speeds are permissible in both continuous and reciprocating operation, and contamination tolerance is high thanks to magnetic scanning. The ECM 2000 is ideal for harsh shopfloor conditions.

New features of the RCN 2001

The RCN 2001 optical angle encoders with an integral bearing and a built-in stator coupling provide new and improved possibilities for even greater performance and process reliability.

  • Better system accuracies of ±2”and ±4”
  • Higher maximum speed of up to 3000 rpm
  • More temperature monitoring possibilities

Along with the temperature data from the built-in temperature sensor, other sensor data, including the torque-motor temperature, are transmitted by the RCN 2001 angle encoders via a digital interface.

Modular, robust, and versatile solutions from AMO

Inductive modular angle encoders from AMO feature a modular design and a wide range of options for axis integration. They also make encoder solutions possible for specialized applications, such as extremely large axis diameters or harsh conditions.

  • Highly versatile mechanical design
  • High accuracy and signal quality
  • Extremely forgiving of contamination
  • Long service life thanks to zero wear

Make your shop floor greener

HEIDENHAIN solutions for a smaller carbon footprint,
reduced costs and higher machine availability

Reduce inventory and cabling needs

Find out how the EIB 5000 and EIB 3392 from HEIDENHAIN reduce connection costs and alleviate production and servicing logistics.

Condition Monitoring in digitalized manufacturing

Online diagnostics and operating data with HEIDENHAIN encoders deliver informative, easy-to-interpret data.

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