Sensitively Monitor the Milling Process

The new ERM 6000 Dplus encoder monitors the machining process right at the milling spindle. This enables the analysis, interpretation, and visualization of the gathered data, providing meaningful information about the spindle and even the tool. The result: reliable processes during unattended shifts, long tool and machine run times, and optimal maintenance management.

The benefits of the new ERM 6000 Dplus

Product Manager Andreas Hager unveils the new encoder and explains its exceptional characteristics:

  • Most accurate position measurement
  • Most sensitive force detection
  • Ultrafast measurement data output

The ERM 6000 Dplus is therefore suitable for measurements under conditions such as:

  • Extremely small tool diameters
  • Finishing operations
  • Maximum spindle speeds

How the new ERM 6000 Dplus encoder works

The ERM 6000 Dplus is the ideal encoder solution for monitoring the spindle load and tool condition, even down to the individual teeth, and does so at full resolution at up to the maximum spindle speed. The resulting data are analyzed, interpreted, and visualized either by the machine’s control or by a special evaluation unit. For this purpose, the ERM 6000 Dplus is connectable to all common controls. 

Mounted directly to the milling spindle, the ERM 6000 Dplus records the motion of the spindle shaft in six dimensions with exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and speed:

  • Translation: 10 nm
  • Wobble: 0.1 arc seconds
  • Process forces: Starting at 2 N
  • Position-measurement cycle time: 20 µs

The ERM 6000 Dplus: measure at the spindle, monitor the teeth

Is the ERM 6000 Dplus an intriguing solution for your machine tool? Enjoy a personal consultation: